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Dyeing And Finishing Machine

Dyeing Finishing Machine we offer are used on all composite fibers, in the dyeing as well as scouring of all pre-dyed products such as a warp beam, top/hank, cheese, loose/muff etc. The apparatuses ensure a high productivity with liquid ratio dyeing. These labor saving products come with numerous incidental facilities and come with a wide range of optimum capacities from testing to large capacities, based on the capacity of processing. In addition, the twofold blower structures of these render three choices of parallel, connected and independent operation with high efficiency drying and dehydration. These also come with an increased air flow as well as mist separation effect that enable warp rays to be dried consistently in a very short time.
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Standard Depth Scales

Price: 1200000 INR/Unit

Standard Depth Scales Manufacturer Standard Depth Scales Supplier Standard Depth Scales Exporter

Product Image (03)

Horizontal Lab Padder

Price: 1100000 INR/Unit

Horizontal Lab Padder Manufacturer Horizontal Lab Padder Supplier Horizontal Lab Padder Exporter

Product Image (08)

Lab Magnetic Printer

Price: 1700000 INR/Unit

Lab Magnetic Printer Manufacturer Lab Magnetic Printer Supplier Lab Magnetic Printer Exporter

Product Image (09)

Lab Mini Dryer

Price: 1200000 INR/Unit

Lab Mini Dryer Manufacturer Lab Mini Dryer Supplier Lab Mini Dryer Exporter

Product Image (01)

Grey Scale

Price: 19800 INR/Unit

Grey Scale Manufacturer Grey Scale Supplier Grey Scale Exporter

Product Image (02)

High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine

Price: 1500000 INR/Unit

High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine Manufacturer High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine Supplier High Temp Lab Dyeing Machine Exporter

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Infrared Lab Dyeing System

Price: 1400000 INR/Unit

Infrared Lab Dyeing System Manufacturer Infrared Lab Dyeing System Supplier Infrared Lab Dyeing System Exporter

Product Image (05)

Vertical Lab Padder

Price: 1100000 INR/Unit

Vertical Lab Padder Manufacturer Vertical Lab Padder Supplier Vertical Lab Padder Exporter

Product Image (06)

Lab Coater

Price: 1700000 INR/Unit

Lab Coater Manufacturer Lab Coater Supplier Lab Coater Exporter

Product Image (07)

Lab Jig Dyeing Machine

Price: 1400000 INR/Unit

Lab Jig Dyeing Machine Manufacturer Lab Jig Dyeing Machine Supplier Lab Jig Dyeing Machine Exporter

Product Image (13)

Light Fastness Standards

Price: 1300000 INR/Unit

Light Fastness Standards Manufacturer Light Fastness Standards Supplier Light Fastness Standards Exporter

Product Image (14)

Manual Wringer

Price: 12 INR/Unit

Manual Wringer Manufacturer Manual Wringer Supplier Manual Wringer Exporter

Product Image (15)

Motorized Wringer

Price: 14 INR/Unit

Motorized Wringer Manufacturer Motorized Wringer Supplier Motorized Wringer Exporter

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Lab Calender Machine

Price: 250000.00 INR/Unit

Lab Calender Manufacturer Lab Calender Supplier Lab Calender Exporter


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